Dear Leon,

recently we have received an e-mail from you containing information about the WBStool 5.0.

Is it possible to use this WBStool 5.0 with current licenses or does it require new license numbers?

Best regards
Hello Mario,

We are currently taking our product to three new development stages:
1. „Mobile first.“ The successor of the WBStool, the „Plan App“, is a so called Universal App and runs on all screen sizes for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone. The new Plan app will cover the functionality of the WBStool up to now in Autumn 2017.
2. „Cloud first.“ Every project leader can work on his projects simultaneously on all devices, and share them with his team members. The teamwork is now also incorporated in the WBStool Classic, the 5.0 update.
3. „Community.“ The best practices to project management from all over the world are being presented and reflected in our magazine. The first articles have just gone online.

For the switch to the future of the WBStool you need a server (with these options), without whom the synchronising and the teamwork are not possible. Therefore, all WBStool/Plan app licences are rent options, namely EUR 99 per user per year. Running updates are included in these prices. At the switch, already bought licences will be taken into account aliquot.

Does that answer all your questions?